By Bill Collier- More exactly, why are a group of my friends and colleagues working on a blueprint to build a cryptonation platform connected to a global Christian missionary and refugee society that is meant to pioneer and support local fraternal Christian missionary and refugee communities?

It’s all about something called nationhood.

Nationhood isn’t exactly a modern concept. Well, what I really mean is natonhood is fairly unknown in its true meaning to most modern people. It’s like we moderns, especially in the West, have a collective amnesia.

Nationhood used to be a big thing. It was a grand and upscale feeling of mutuality and connectiveness where you knew and trusted that most people around you lived by the same rules and values. You could predict results and expectations and it was easy to avoid offending people, because you knew the social conventions like everyone else.

Today, you are more likely to find someone has been offended or angered for some inexplicable reason than ever before. You don’t know how people will react or what their expectations will be. You don’t know if their values are 180 degrees off from yours. And yet somehow we are all told it’s perfectly fine.

But does it FEEL fine to you?

Here’s the thing about natonhood: it is a warm embrace of acceptance and predictability that is never forced or contrived. When many hearts beat in harmony its a beautiful thing. When they don’t, it’s a terrible orchestra with 4 sets of music and everyone off key.

Can we conceive of nationhood in a society of that seems filled with disconnected individuals whose gods and goals and values are as varied as the number of people that exist there?

Here’s a clue: while nationhood comes from the heart and connects heart to heart in love, where such voluntary harmony is lacking the only way to create any semblance of order is through brute force. A herd of cats will only stay moving together with the utmost effort to corral and control them. And that described our society more and more.

Did you catch the clue?

You might have focused on the cats and the coercion. But focus on this one powerful word: VOLUNTARY.

Nationhood is a sense of shared identity and purpose that includes a shared sense of origins and destiny and that is always relfective of heartfelt and voluntarily shared beliefs, values, and convictions.

Somewhere along the line our parents or grandparents voluntarily traded in this sense of nationhood for something else. They bought consumerism and a form of individualism previous generations might have called self-indulgence or greed.

They were helped along as rising taxes and regulatory costs made it ever harder for two people to work a little or one to work full time to make a happy and prosperous home.

Between rising consumerism and rising costs as well as regulations and taxes, well, we barely had time to brush our teeth let alone nurture the bonds of nationhood.

First we saw the collapse of a nationhood as something felt and loved, expect on patriotic holidays. Then we cut loose from the morrings of the extended family and the close-knit community.

We were just too busy working, spending, and discovering ourselves. And we ran riot for some 60 years!

Now here we are, back to our clue. “Voluntary” is the clue. We voluntarily gave up nationhood, we can voluntarily take it back.

But it won’t be easy. Our schedules and calendars, expectations of work, our finances, and even our architecture all press upon us this artificial isolated, disconnected individualism. Even if we were passionate about restoring our lost sense and enjoyment of nationhood, it would still be a hard climb.

This is where our vision and concept for an INTENTIONAL nationhood rooted in Christian beliefs, values, and convictions comes into play. Our aim is to create the virtual platform that teaches this to people and allows them to connect for mutual support.

Author and one of the founders, Bill Collier, is a modern day digital revolutionary, using the web to transform the world!

It will provide the support people will need as they work together to take back their schedules and calendars, to restore sane finances that don’t run them ragged, and even to create new architecture to support the kind of lifestyle desired.

We can actually intentionally create a new nationhood, with a new name even, and begin to build it together online and then, as we grow, face to face on all the cities, towns, and locales all over.

The cryptonation platform will faciliate a form of digital ID, a blockchain powered trading script, secure communications not controlled by the internet’s erstwhile gatekeepers, and many other services of value to its members. Using this, people will learn a shared national vision and how to implement in their daily lives or how to connect with local people for mutual benefit.

Together we can envision the kind of narionhood we desire and, using our skills, build the tools and technology to transform thay dream into an ever-present reality.

We can look at our disconnected society and just sigh and moan. Or we can just up and devide that we prefer to establish an intentional form of nationhood that gives us those voluntary connections based on mutual respect and love that we know we as human beings need to strive and thrive in this world.

So we have decided against sighing and moaning and just complaining about how bad society is. We have decided that, using voluntary associations and means, we can have and BE the kind of society among ourselves that this present society has continued to reject.

Stay tuned in these pages for more news on this revolutionary project. The world’s first intentional Christian-based international nationhood built on a cryptonation platform!