The Empire Times Style

Publisher, Bill Collier

While, in general, we use the AP style, we use a modified version of their style prescriptions. For instance, we insist on the Oxford comma. We also encourage our writers to be more in keeping with the oldest writing styles, as this is part of our theme.

We avoid PC terminology, for instance we say gun assailant instead of gunmen to denote a criminal or terrorist. We refer to Islamic motivated terrorists as Salafo-Jihadists because their ideology of Salafism is what motivates them, not the form of Islam followed by tens of millions of non-Salafists.

For states, we use the US postal service two-letter code or we spell out the whole state. For AM and PM, we use capital letters one space from the time, as in 1:30 PM.

As to our content itself, we strive to follow the RAWE News model- we act as a resource (R) for basic news and information, we are both an advocate  (A) for the under-represented and we allow readers to advocate for their own causes or concerns, we act as a watchdog  (W) for the well-being of our fellow citizens (including their rights. safety, and property) against all hazards, and we provide both entertainment and education (E). We believe that by providing a balance of these services, with the watchdog role never over-shadowing the other roles, that we will serve the interest of our readers.

As to tone, our goal is for the news to be objective, fair, and even-handed with the understanding that most media are biased, with some leaning to the right and most leaning to the left. Don’t look for an easy affirmation of your views here.

As for commentary, our editorial approach is from a more or less conservative and Christian perspective. While we may aggregate other views we disagree with, we do not provide a platform for editorial content which is not in keeping with our editorial stance. Our audience are more likely to be intelligent, entrepreneurial, and more socially and fiscally conservative people who want a place where they don’t have to argue or be attacked by the left.

We are unconventional. We don’t feel bound by any of the typical rules imposed by leftist journalism, though we actually believe that news should be accurate, easy to understand, timely, and honest.

We have standards for reporting news, but we also provide raw information, assigning it a reliability code if need be, as a means of inviting the reader to participate in confirming, debunking, and validating news. Our aim is to have readers actively participate in the news. So we will tend to put up a raw report, invite participation, and then follow it up later with a confirmed and fully vetted report.

Look for fast breaking news that is raw and unfiltered, with appropriate disclaimers as to accuracy and an invitation to participate and add your own information, followed by detailed, confirmed, and fully vetted reports more in the style of an intelligence update.

This is a work in progress. It will evolve over time as and when I recruit people who will help with this project. This site is connected directly to RAWE News, which aggregates news, and is fed news from this and other sites. While we may have multiple domain, we view this is a ONE BIG news project,