The mission of The Empire Times is to provide relevant, well-written news and edifying content to discriminating readers while being a voice of reason on defence of theor rights, persons, and wealth/property against possible hazards.

Bespoke level news intelligence and analysis coupled with tineliness, accuracy, and scrupulous fact-checking standards will make our final product desirable to persons of distininction with a discriminating taste.

Our correspndents shall be only the best minds and most attentive and creative writers who have a deep passion for news as both a science and an art that informs in a manner that is interesting and useful.

Wishing to avoid the pop-culture, lowbrow product of most mass media today, our business model is based on premium paid subscriptions. Our monthly rate of $65/month reflects our need to hire only the best people, peovide the best platform, and aquire news sources of the highest calibre.

The average person who cannot afford our service is also just as likely to lack the discriminating taste for news that is intelligent, not written for 4th graders, and detailed. While daily jews digests, morning and evening, will highlight all the content in any easy to read format, the reader with discriminating tastes will find much depth and detail at their fingertips.

We will avoid polemic, vitriol, or gutter language here and will tend to favor the more regal language and traditions of the past, which moderns have left behind to their own hurt. We will not follow fads, which are here today and gone tomorrow.

Our goal is to serve our discriminating readers a bespoke news and entertainment service in a manner they can readily see is high class, relevant, and useful. We offer weekly subscriptions at $18.95/week, monthly subscriptions at $65/month, and annual subscriptions at $500/month. We offer a free 30-day trial for all subscriptions so that you can get an honest idea of what is offered.

For the truly discriminating we offer a custom weekly or daily news curation service in which you talk to a news specialist and we create a news curation program just for you that reflects your interests.

This service is $125/week for the weekly news curation and $295/week for the daily news curation. This service highlight both our news sources and diverse news sources and can save you many hours of valuable time.

For the busy executive or professional who bills at $300 per hour this can be extremely valuable. You likely either spend hours curating news yourself and wading through a forest of waste and fluff or, worse, you simply miss important news yourself. We can tailor this to your profession, industry, market vertical, or anything of interest or concern to you.

For bespoke level news that is relevant, intelligent, accurate, and timely, turn to The Empire Times: your bespoke news resource!