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Why Are We Forming A Cryptonation?

By Bill Collier- More exactly, why are a group of my friends and colleagues working on a blueprint to build a cryptonation platform connected to a global Christian missionary and refugee society that is meant to pioneer and support local fraternal Christian missionary and refugee communities? It’s all about something called nationhood. Nationhood isn’t exactly a modern concept. Well, what I really mean is natonhood is fairly unknown in its true meaning to most modern people. It’s like we moderns, especially in the West, have a collective amnesia. Nationhood used to be a big thing. It was a grand and upscale feeling of mutuality and connectiveness where you knew and...

The Empire Times Mission

The mission of The Empire Times is to provide relevant, well-written news and edifying content to discriminating readers while being a voice of reason on defence of theor rights, persons, and wealth/property against possible hazards. Bespoke level news intelligence and analysis coupled with tineliness, accuracy, and scrupulous fact-checking standards will make our final product desirable to persons of distininction with a discriminating taste. Our correspndents shall be only the best minds and most attentive and creative writers who have a deep passion for news as both a science and an art that informs in a manner that is interesting and useful. Wishing to avoid the pop-culture, lowbrow...

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