This might seem like a strange way to start the conversation here, but failing online is something anyone can do, especially if they imagine they can succeed with little effort.

I see it all the time. Clients or just people I have met honestly believe they can put in a little effort or a little money and become successful.

So here are five of the top ways to ensure yourself failure:

1. Don’t take a holistic approach

Just focus on one thing all the time, be it AdWords or SEO, or whatever. You see, our virtual world undergoes frequent seismic events, the audience roams around, often in packs, from this platform to the next. If all you have is one trick, eventually the pack moves on and leaves you stranded. Or, worse, your platform changes its rules and processes and what was once a totally cool way to make coin now violates their terms of service.

2. Always base future campaigns on yesterday’s trends

That’s right. All you’ve got to do is model someone else’s success and its yours too. Right? I call this the virtual Maginot Line. You build something online based on what worked 6 months ago, and you end up with a nice big fancy fortress of immense proportions that even today is a rusting pile of rubbish. You have to foresee future trends, and you can if you are sharp and diligent, and then base your strategy on that.

3. Over-invest in the platform and content and then maybe think about marketing

I have seen this so many times. A client will come to me with a million dollar idea, and a $100,000 website build, and then say something like “if I spend $10,000 with you, can you get me like 20,000 sales?” They really should have spent $10,000 on the website, $20,000 test marketing, and $80,000 getting, oh, say 4,000 new customers who should each be worth over $250 per year in spending if they have a decent customer relations program in place.

4. Don’t actually interact

Taking time to reply or comment on your own posts to other people who comment leverages your efforts. I can tell you how, but it’s boring and tedious and who needs it? Let the plebs make their comments to the dark void, all we need is their clicks!

5. Don’t bother understanding the metrics

So you don’t know the difference between customer acquisition cost versus an immediate return on investment, or the difference between organic and referral traffic (and why you need both), or the difference between mere SEO rankings and overall search engine visibility? Who cares! And when your staff or hired hand tries to tell you that having 80% branded traffic could result in slow growth, ignore them. Stick to your own “common sense.”

I won’t mention the twin evils of underpaying performers and over-paying celebrities, that’s for another day and another post.

If you want to stop failing, I can help. I can do a review of your entire web presence, I can show you the holes, and what you are doing right, and even show you how to succeed outright.

If you are not satisfied with your web presence, then call me. That’s right. Call. I’ll arrange a time to review your situation, for free, then give you a reasonable estimate of cost and time to produce a comprehensive report titled YOUR SUCCESSFUL WEB PRESENCE.

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