Regal Blue Media is a boutique web presence firm based out of Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, with global partners of the highest quality providing bespoke-level services for small to large businesses and organizations. We provide a full array services, including web design, to custom craft your web presence and get you results.

– Uniquely among web design firms, we encourage you to preview before you buy. –

Do you want a stunning website that gets you customers, supporters, or voters and aren’t sure where to turn?

Eye-catching designs that work….

Regal Blue Media is your professional secret weapon to craft a web presence that will get you the results you want. But don’t take our word for it. Don’t even take another person’s word for it. We all know those testimonials aren’t always true. And as for showing you samples, the truth is what you need may very different than anything we have done before. We hate to leave you with a false impression that our design capability is limited in any way.

So here is the offer: you will use the form below. I will call you, yes a real person, and I will ask you questions to get enough information to have a preview web page designed for you. I will then have our team prepare a ONE PAGE preview of your website idea and a custom quote for the finished work. If you need a feature custom designed, that’s not a problem, but the free preview is not going to include deep-level custom coding. We can, however, do a mock-up of what the special feature will look like.

Now you can judge for yourself if our web design is EXACTLY what fits you and then we can proceed from there. We can have websites deployed in as little as 15 days.

We are a boutique provider, we do not rely on bulk sales and cheap templates. While we can and will use a template as a framework, if that fits your needs, we treat each client as an individual and make everything fit for them and work for them.

Modern and minimalist designs to get results


Features Of Our Web Design Services

*Results-oriented: we employ marketing and advertising expertise, our goal is a beautiful and stunning design that actual converts


*Bespoke craftsmanship of every element, not cookie-cutter solutions, your website will be unique and special


*Total integration, and if necessary development and management, of your social media, email list, and e-commerce


*We provide websites that you can update, modify, and manage if you like, but we are always there to help if you get stuck (alternatively, we can handle everything for you, based on your plan)


*We provide video tutorials for you to learn how to use the platform


*We provide the hosting, we do updates, and, if you stick with the plan, upgrades every quarter and site-refreshment once a year


*We PROVE our work before you pay for our work- your plan will come with goal markers, and you will only pay the agreed-upon fee after we reach that goal marker, with the final payment we deploy the website on your domain (on the other hand, progress forward depends on the next payment)


*RISK FREE all the way- if at any point you decide to stop the process, you pay no more, and all the work we have done is transferred to you in a file to use as you please


*Total Hands-Free plans are available in which we provide the website, promote your web presence, and funnel leads or customers to you, and all you do is close your sales

traditional designs that convert


What kinds of websites can we build?

*Any kind of platform, we will recommend one for you (your free preview site will likely be on a WordPress Platform)

*Business sites meant to capture leads, with a heavy emphasis on landing pages and sales funnels

*E-Commerce Sites, with everything you need to sell, on whichever platform works best for your needs, all managed by our team of experts

*Political websites for candidates and organizations, focusing on volunteers, mobilizing members, donors, and the like (we specialize in conservative and Republican efforts, however our partners can serve any political campaign or organization)

*Real estate and property management websites (we understand the unique laws and regulations regarding real estate and housing advertising and use of the web)

*Websites with for restaurants with online menus and online booking

*Turn-key adsense websites, you pick your niche and we will do the rest for you, we’ll even show you how to use your website and drive traffic


*All websites are SEO compliant and have built-in tools to stay compliant

*All websites come with their own Security Certificate we integrate for you

*We provide security monitoring against hacking and other cyber vandalism

*We use the latest updates for your web platform or technology and do monthly upgrades

*We monitor your web presence and flag you about any issues or concerns

Website costs?

At this time we ONLY OFFER annual packages and we have a limited schedule for adding new clients. We do not provide off-the-shelf cheap websites, we provide bespoke-quality websites that work, that stay online, and that produce results.

Almost every website fails to deliver results because the client chose price over quality: a website is the most important front-facing element of many modern businesses and organization. Our web presence packages range from $5,000 to $20,000 for annual plans, although we do offer payment plans.

Usually half the cost is paid during the development and design phase in 3 to 4 payments, paid as each goal marker is achieved, and the remainder is paid quarterly over the next 12 months. The following year plan, which includes the annual facelift, usually stays the same on a monthly basis. (There is no extra fee for the facelift.)

We accept credit cards or e-checks via Paypal, a trusted payment portal that protects your privacy. For payments by check, we require the full up-front development cost up front.

We accept only 20-30 new clients per month, so book an appointment now for your free website preview!

To contact us, please fill out the form below completely and an expert will call you to set up an interview for your free preview.

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