It has been claimed that Donald Trump’s New York offices were bugged by the Obama Administration.

It is understandable that the party press of the left, namely such outlets as NBC and CNN, would spike the story on the FISA Warrant abuses, it is unusual to see the Drudge Report ignore this issue. The dramatic story centers on a 4-page memo drawn up by investigators working for the House Intelligence Committee which has stunned lawmakers. The memo names individuals who participated in the rampant abuse of the FISA Warrant process to spy on Americans and to spread disinformation about then-candidate and ultimate President Trump.

The hashtag #releasethememo has trended on Twitter and is much the topic of discussion in conservative circles. It has the potential, according to members of Congress who have seen it, to up-end the entire Russia narrative and to point a glaring spotlight on top officials, potentially Robert Meuller himself, in connection to this abuse of power.

While Drudge has had no problems highlighting salacious stories that defame the President, it could be defended as his site is a new aggregation site. What seems odd is that this major story, which might vindicate the President, is totally missed.

Why is that? Where does Matt Drudge stand, has he, in fact, become an opponent of Donald Trump and the Trump agenda? Is Matt Drudge in fact part of the very “deep state” that is opposing the MAGA agenda?

What do you think, has Matt Drudge joined the other side or is there another explanation for refusing to link to or highlight such a major story?