We live in a left-right politocracy run by the monoparty with two branches to imitate democracy. Politocracy is where politics controls every aspect of your life and where only a few actually control politics. Whatever you think of Trump, he is a disruption of that whole narrative, he is not in with the monoparty elites. Even if you don’t like him, understand that he represents the only present challenge to the entire system of control by duplicity, he is forcing their masks off.

He is destroying the false illusion that there really are different sides fighting it out in the public arena: we now see there is only one side with competing branches, but both branches want the same politocracy of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite.

Trump is rough around the edges, he is not the most pristine and upstanding of champions, but his chief quality is that, like U.S. Grant, he recognizes the enemy and he is willing to risk all to fight and win. Whoever you are, I propose, Trump is the only natural, earthly force in America that is even trying to upset the politocracy, whether from the left or the right. First, before we can build a new world, the old world of the politocracy must be destroyed. That is what Trump can do.

You who oppose the politocracy and who hate Trump, you are, in effect, bolstering that same politocracy. If they can derail Trump and smear him out of office, then who would ever dare challenge them again? I mean, if a guy with name recognition and billions of dollars behind him cannot stand against their smear machine, what chance do YOU have?

If you ever get a voice loud enough to challenge the politocracy then you will learn, too late, what it is like to be demonized over your every flaw which is overblown and even over things you did not do or say which they claim you do so loudly thay everyone believes them.

A plurality of elected Republicans are against the politocracy. But among Democrats, not even a minority are really against the plutocracy. In fact, a significant plurality of Democrats, from elected officials to media figures and activists, are hard-core Marxists. They literally want a one-party communist dictatorship.

That’s the state of play. Meanwhile racist socialists led by the likes of Richard Spencer, and classified as the “right” by the lying media, want to reinvent the third Reich in the name of their whiteness.

Among actual conservatives, who believe in meritocracy within a color-blind society and governed by a limited government with a free market economy, there is no stomach for these lunatics, so they have no real base in the GOP. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or is misinformed.

Conservatives are ideologically opposed to all forms of racism, intolerance, and coercion as a means of social engineering. Period. So we have two extreme and blatant forms of politocracy, totalism, where political power over the individual is total and all dissent is suppressed, but on the right the so-called ‘right wing’ white identity socialists are shunned, on the left the actual Marxists are celebrated, and run the Democratic Party.

So, it is true that the politocracy plays a left-right game, but only among actual conservatives is there a growing awareness of and resistance to the actual politocracy. The left are completely under the spell of their billionaire robber baron masters and cannot even see that they are being played. George Soros is not an actual Marxist. He and his family are simply greedy. The politocracy has no ideology except its own lust for more wealth and power at your expense, and if it takes flinging a mob of Marxist radicals at you to get the job done, they’ll finance that.

The left-right politocracy has no program or agenda to sell. To the left they say one thing through one of their branches, to the right they say another, not intending on fulfilling any promises as they can blame the “obstruction” on the other branch of their politocracy. How convenient. Trump has exposed the fact these two branches are dressed differently but come from the same tree.