William R Collier Jr- I stumbled across an article about the heady days of gender-bending sexual hedonomism in the glory days of the Weimar Republic. The tone of the article was basically, “this sexual liberation was fun and glorious, until the Nazis came and ruined it all.”

It began to dawn on me that the author is missing the real point. The Weimar Republic was a time of extreme moral decadence, in many ways beyond anything we are seeing now, but in others right on par with what we are witnessing. It seemed that the progressive elements held all the cards, right up until Nazi storm-troopers crashed the party.

I have been wondering what the end-game of all this decadence and white shaming nonsense really is. Now we see among the left a stark unwillingness to even carry on civil debate. They use the antifa and blm mobs to literally force opponents to shut down events while they use the typical smears and blood libel of racist, bigot, and the such to shame and shun, and socially and economically persecute, all who defy their wanton celebration of the worse kinds of decadence and sexual deviancy. And I am not talking about gay people here, I am talking about beastiality and pedophilia, incest, and men and women whoring themselves to tens and hundreds of partners. I am talking about the sexualization of children, in elementary schools, by the school authorities.

We have white guilting and shaming, dehumanization of opponents, massive decadence, greed, materialism, and a refusal to take personal moral responsibility for any of your own actions. It has really become quite out of control, with the attack on history and monuments being the latest craze, an attempt to deconstruct America into some vile version of the worse sins ever committed while ignoring any good, all in the name of detaching people from the principles of freedom which are a bulwark against tyranny. In short, the aim seems to be to make Americans hate themselves and their history so the left can replace it with uncritical acceptance of socialist tyranny as some form of national penance.

This all seems illogical, as any student of history will say that attacking people at such a fundamental level of their own identity is going to create a backlash. This is what the left did in the Weimar years. They inflamed the passions of a plurality of Germans who looked for a champion in the established Parties and found none, and so they began turning to groups like the Nazis, at first just part of a broad National Front, until the Nazis became the NATIONALIST VOICE and then they took the whole country.

Of course the left today want to call everyone Nazis. From the President to his supporters, failure to enact their socialist scheme of a one-party tyranny of the elite over the masses means you are a Nazi.

We know this is all financed by a few billionaires. We know most Americans oppose all these things, from tearing down monuments to enacting socialism. And yet the paid agitators and the well-financed media, which are owned by these corporate globalists elites, continue to push their agenda and actually force changes: over 700 statues have been taken down, and now every heroic figure of America’s past is being deconstructed into some sort of evil monster as bad as….Hitler.

Why would otherwise uber-capitalist bigwigs like Soros, Bezos, or JP Morgan be so willing to finance this extreme left agitation and violence? Consider that the biggest global corporations which have a monopoly or near monopoly in their area all support the worse and most violent elements of the left and support using their public trust in the marketplace to suppress some voices whole elevating others.

It’s no accident that the playing field in the marketplace of ideas is not level or that the average American has no idea what the truth in any major event or concocted crisis really is.

The billionaires are building a massive bubble, dominating the masses with lies and propaganda and preventing, as best they can, any other voices from getting in.

Witness how Amazon Smile, which allegedly helps you give money to charity, blacklists any groups that the leftist hate machine called The Southern Poverty Law Center smears as being hateful because they aren’t far left enough. Here we have Jeff Bezos, a billionaire monopolist, making a far left anti-capitalist gate group the gatekeeper for how his customers give to charity. (Skip Amazon Smile, give to your own charities.)

First Bezos built Amazon Smile and was free and fair. Millions of people joined in. Charities used it. All was well. Then he revealed his true agenda, he gave the SPLC gatekeeper status. Now, the only groups you can support, by designating them to receive a portion of sales of certain products you buy, will eventually be groups that support the left.

If you are using Amazon Smile you are actually contributing to this process of creating a leftist bubble around gullible Americans.

But is creating a socialist tyranny the goal of these billionaires?

I don’t think so. They are not about to give up all their wealth and power.

They can only desire one of two aims: a disruption that leads to America’s downfall which somehow benefits them or they actually want to foment a “race” or “nationalist” backlash which would favor a fascist movement which they could also control.

These billionaires are not all powerful or all wise. Whatever their game, the revolutions they start can and will get out of their control, and could even consume them. It is possible the left gain the upper hand and push through their revolution and turn on their erstwhile billionaire masters, who stand to lose everything. It is possible that ACTUAL fascists, not just everyone who is called a Nazi because they are not a radical leftist, will gain traction as the masses who are offended by all this mess see in them their only champion. Lord knows the Republicans are nobody’s champion!

The backlash is coming. In the absence of a champion against both Parties that can unite people regardless of race or ethnic background, a sort of radical centrism, people of color may gravitate toward their nationalist groups (which are mostly socialist) and white people, who make up over 65% of the U.S. population, would be tempted to embrace the national socialist elements which are being created now, which are also, by the way, socialists.

For the freedom-minded person who refuses to embrace any form of racism or racialism, and who wants a free market within a meritocracy and a pluralistic society, there are no good choices. And sometimes life gives us no good choices, so more and more will choose one of the two sides, either the white power socialists or the white hating socialists.

Is it possible these billionaires actually favor a return to national socialism which they think they can control, or do they want to merely take the West down a peg or two to advance their own power and wealth, in essence by shorting America?

One thing is certain, they are acting in comity, they are acting in one direction to enable and empower the white-hating socialists to behave in a way that is helping the white power socialists.

It is tempting if you are a minority and feel the system has shorted you to be drawn to the white-hating socialists. Likewise, a white person who is sick of the white shaming is going to be tempted toward the white power socialists. But anyone who wants to be free has to reject both sides of this socialist coin, we must recognize that we live now in a politocracy.

A politocracy is a state in which politics controls most or all aspects of your life while only a few people actually control politics. The billionaire elites with their monopoly power over sectors of the economy want to force-feed you these two choices, and they don’t seem to care which wins, as, in the end, they benefit and we lose more power and more of the products of our labor to them.

The billionaires are going to find that lighting such powder kegs creates unpredictable explosions that usually take out the one who lit the fuse. But that will not console the tens of millions of lives they will ruin in the process.

So what is the answer?

The answer is actually something like a radical centrism rooted in a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline called upadarianism. The word “Upadaria” comes from the initials UPDR which stand for a balanced application of the Christian ideals of governance which include Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

The concept of “Upadaria” comes from these ideals, which form the basis of a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline, and from a fictional future history describing a globally distributed nation of people united by faith and a shared lifestyle and not defined by race or blood. It involves envisioning a truly color-blind society of equals in inherent dignity and value within a pure meritocracy with equality of treatment and opportunity for all. It involves devolving power away from politics to individuals, families, free associations, and local communities. It involves a free market that is fair, moral, and just. In short, it is a form of radical centrism and transpartisan localism which rejects the haters and the freedom takers, be they left or right. It rejects white shaming and white power, in fact it rejects the concept of race.

The billionaires are playing the ends against the middle to keep us divided, we need new forms of radical centrism that will unite people of every ethnicity, class, and denomination against the real enemy, the billionaire string-pullers.